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Ways You Can Support the Brothers

“The gift you have received, give as a gift.”

Theodore James Ryken Society

Through this new giving society we invite you to become intimately involved in the Brothers’ Mission through your interest, moral support, prayers, and donations. Members of this society believe so strongly in the Xaverian Mission that they join us at this time of “graced crossroads” by committing to invest $1,000 or more each year to directly benefit a number of Xaverian Brothers’ mission initiatives.

The Xaverian Mission touches the lives of the most needy of people on four continents: Europe, North America and the Caribbean, South America and Africa. The primary focus of our mission is evangelization through human development and education of youth. The question we ask ourselves in determining the focus of our mission is, “lf we don’t do this ministry, who will?”

Our General Leadership has put together a list of our most pressing needs as we strive to fulfill our mission. We invite donors to learn more about the specific projects or programs, and consider various ways that you may offer support. While making an annual unrestricted gift allows General Leadership to assign money where needed, leadership gifts restricted for a specific program or project are ways of helping us sustain our mission or accomplish major capital needs. This is also a way for you to be more closely involved in our mission. As important as your financial support of our mission is, your prayers are also important. Please pray that our work will continue to move forward.

We hope that you will be as excited as we are in creating The Theodore James Ryken Society in order to sustain the Xaverian Brothers’ Mission into the future. To learn more about The Theodore James Ryken Society and the specific projects and programs for which we are soliciting support, contact our Advancement office by email or telephone at 410-644-0034.

Planned Giving

Planned gifts can provide increased income and valuable tax savings to you, while at the same time allowing you to make a significant commitment to the future of the Xaverian Brothers. Planned giving options include bequests, trusts, and life-income gifts.

Bequests Remembering the Xaverian Brothers in your will is a special and effective way to ensure that the mission and ministry of the Xaverian Brothers continues into the future. You may designate the Xaverian Brothers to receive a bequest of a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or specific assets such as stock securities or real estate. Your request can be designated for a specific purpose, for example, the care of our retired Brothers, the support of our overseas missions, or the continuation of our Xaverian Sponsored Schools.

When you rewrite your will or add a codicil, please consider a charitable bequest.

Annual Appeals

Each year we conduct three appeals: one for the support of our retired Brothers, another for our missions around the world, and a third for our Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools. These appeals are the primary source of support for the work of the Xaverian Brothers.


It’s now possible for you to make a gift to the Xaverian Brothers that benefits the Brothers AND yourself as well. Through a Charitable Gift Annuity you will be guaranteed a fixed income for life (based on the amount of your gift and your age when you make the gift).

Here's how it works:

  • You make an irrevocable gift benefitting the Xaverian Brothers through the Catholic Community Foundation of Baltimore.
  • In return, the Brothers agree to make fixed payments to you for the life of the annuity.These payments will remain the same for as long as you live.
  • An additional benefit of your Charitable Gift Annuity is that a portion of the payments to you are excluded from your federal income tax.
  • Your Charitable Gift Annuity ends upon your death, at which time we will apply the balance of your gift to the general needs of the Xaverian Brothers (unless otherwise specified by you when you set up the annuity).
  • The Xaverian Brothers Charitable Gift Annuity Program is invested and administered by the Catholic Community Foundation of Baltimore.

If interested in a Charitable Gift Annuity or would like more details, please contact Stephanie Stricker at the Xaverian Brothers Generalate at 410-646-6777 or by e-mail

Memorial Gifts

A gift in memory of someone you loved or admired (for example, a Xaverian Brother who made a significant difference in your life) can be a particularly meaningful way to contribute to the Brothers. Memorial gifts can be made to one of our annual appeals, or as a capital gift and can be restricted or unrestricted.

Life Insurance

If you own a life insurance policy that is no longer needed for its original purpose, the cash value of such a policy may be a source from which to make a gift to the Xaverian Brothers that can provide tax savings today and may result in significant estate tax savings in the future. By transferring the policy to the Xaverian Brothers, you can receive a charitable deduction roughly equivalent to the cash value of the policy and also receive an annual deduction for the premiums you pay to keep the policy in effect.

Capital Gifts

Capital gifts are gifts specifically restricted (by the donor) for capital needs that include endowment funds as well as funds for new construction or renovation of existing facilities.

Stocks, Bonds, Securities

To make a stock gift, please provide your broker/agent with the following information:

Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank
DTC#: 0141 (Wells Fargo Clearing Services)
FFC: Xaverian Brothers USA Inc
FFC Account#: 6229-6988

Endowment Funds

Endowment funds insure ongoing support for our retired Brothers, our missions, or our Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools.

Gifts in Kind

Non-cash gifts of property, such as real estate, antiques, art work, or jewelry also make important gifts. The fair market value for such gifts is deductible for income tax purposes. The IRS requires a formal appraisal for gifts in kind valued over $5,000.

All Souls Remembrance

During the month of November, the Brothers pray especially for deceased loved ones and benefactors. Names can be submitted by clicking the link below. 

Submit names for remembrance

To view the name submissions, click here