Concordia - Fall 2015

"Embracing the future with hope" is the third element that Pope Francis has highlighted in this Year Of Consecrated Life. As a Congregation, the Xaverian Brothers are using this as a theme for the year ahead. In this issue of Concordia, you will find examples of how the Brothers, Xaverian Associates and Collaborators in Xaverian education are preparing for the future and embracing it with optimism and hope: • Brother Edward Driscoll speaks about how the Brothers and collaborators "touch the future"; • we read about the program our Brothers participated in over the summer to prepare new generations of Xaverians; • we read the story of one of the mis- sion endeavors of the Brothers and our hopes for the future in Haiti; • Xaverian education in the US builds for the future; • the Xaverian Assoc

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