The Xaverian Brothers Contact Program is in place for those individuals who are interested in exploring a vocation with the Brothers. For more information on the U.S. Contact Program, or to talk with someone about your call, get in touch with our American Vocations Team. In Africa, please get in touch with, Brother Moses Wafula, C.F.X. by email, cell +254720686845, or by mail: PO Box 1546, Bungoma, Kenya.


Associate members of the Xaverian Brothers are committed to living out the mission of the Brothers in their daily lives. They are men and women, single, married, or ordained, with various connections to the Brothers. Some are former Brothers, some former Volunteers, former or current teachers in XBSS schools, or some have worked or are working with the Brothers in one of their ministries.

The connections are myriad, but one of the commitments that draws us together is life-long formation. “If you allow yourself to be formed by God through the common, ordinary, unspectacular flow of everyday life,” reads the Fundamental Principles of the Brothers, “you will gradually experience a liberation and a freedom never before imagined.” And it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that spiritual people the world over have been striving for essentially a similar goal for millennia: a liberation and a freedom never before imagined. We want to discover who we are and manifest that to the world.

Communally, through the sharing of ourselves, our ideas and gifts, techniques and practices, support and encouragement, we as a group of Xaverian Brothers Associates help each other stay focused and committed to the formative experience. It is no small task to stay on the path of our deepest desire! Obstacles and distractions abound. But together we strive to remain present to each other. This sharing, we feel, is important no matter what stage we are in life.

So, if you’d like to know more about the Xaverian Brothers Associates Program, please contact Brother Paul Murray. You may also want to read through some reflections on Living the Charism to gain a sense of Xaverian Spirituality. 

Discover more about the Associate Program with these resources:

Pamphlet [PDF]Associates Charism Description | Handbook [PDF]


The Xaverian Brothers Volunteer Program has a wonderful history with our missions in Haiti and Congo (DRC). While we are not currently accepting applications to the program, we are hopeful that the program will find a home once again, domestically or in one of our mission territories abroad.