Archbishop Poulard Visits Sant Zaveryen

Msgr Guire Poulard

The Archbishop of Port-au-Prince, Mgr. Guire Poulard, visited Sant Zaveryen recently to celebrate Mass. Brother Joseph Ngoie, the director of the Sant, said that since the Sant has been in Lilavois, near the Archbishop's official house, he had never had the opportunity to visit, though each day he passes straight in front of Xaverian Center. So it was a pleasure to finally have the Archbishop celebrate mass at the Sant. Some neighbors who joined for the mass also shared a little meal afterward.  Sant Zaveryen is the Xaverian Brothers student center in Haiti.  The center provides a Christian community living situation and leadership formation for young men from the rural regions of Haiti who are studying at University in Port au Prince.  The young men commit to returning to their villages as leaders or catechists committed to helping their fellow Haitians.